Unveiling the magic of The Gardens

The Gardens is Melbourne’s cherished spot for outdoor cinema, where communities bond, relive memories and craft new tales.

From a cherished pastime locale to Melbourne’s premier open-air cinema

In 1945, the Spooner family acquired a vast expanse in Scoresby, which blossomed into today’s Caribbean Park. The 1950s saw the establishment of the Caribbean Boat Factory, with the picturesque Lake Caribbean serving as a testing ground for new boats. By 1976, the much-adored Caribbean Gardens and Market opened its doors. As decades passed, the next generation of the Spooner family envisioned a harmonious blend of technology and nature, leading to the development of a technology and office park. Amidst this rich tapestry of history, Cameron and Adele, fuelled by their love for entertainment and community, saw an opportunity. Their initial backyard movie nights, filled with laughter and connection, sparked an idea. This inspiration led to the birth of The Gardens, a place where the community could relive the charm of the past while indulging in fresh cinematic experiences.

Getting to The Gardens

Find us at 850 Stud Rd, Scoresby Victoria 3178, near the iconic Caribbean Gardens entrance on Stud Road.With 140 grass parking spots available, your journey to cinematic magic at The Gardens begins with ease.